Withdrawal and change of payer

Withdrawal is managed directly within the start list by pressing inside the status-field. The first time you press a down arrow will appear, which confirms that the editing is activated.

Press the button and the following drop-list is shown.

It is of course possible to manage the withdrawals under the tab Competitions for a rider or a horse.

If you want to change a withdrawal back to that the rider is competing, just choose the top, blank, option.

Change the payer

If there is a different person or company then the one being registered there is a possibility of changing the payer. It could be set to for example pay for all of the competitions for a horse or just one single competition.

Search the rider or the horse and go to the tab competitions. Press in the field Payer and edit directly within the field. Write the first letters of the name of the payer, and the system will suggest amongst the persons within the show.

If the payer isn't already within the show, go to People>File>New person and do the same steps as when adding a new rider.

Payer and receiver
It's also possible to select who that will receive the prize money. By default it will always be distributed to the payer, but you can change it to someone else, for example the rider.
Go to Tools, Field selector and check Receiver. Then find the correct person.