See all of the changes made in the system in our history view

All changes done in the system is saved in the history log. This is used for two important functions. To be able to undo any changes, or redo a previously undone action. It's can also be used to know when a change was made and by whom.

The changes can be seen from different views. You can se everything that has happened when the icon for Changes is pressed in the top menu. The icon is looking like a clock with a circled arrow pointing towards left.

It is also possible to right-click on a combination in the start list and choose changes just to see what has been changed to the specific combination, since the combination was created.

This is possible to do from all views where starts are presented in a table and is very useful to for example see when someone was withdrawn and by whom (provided that all users have their own account.)

It is also possible to in a similar way se changes in persons, horses or competitions. This is in the submenu of File when a person, horse or competition is marked.