Guidelines for usage

Guidelines for how shall be used.

Equipe online is one of the finest part of our system and this is the face of the show towards riders, horse owners and audience. Here a mix of start lists, results, course plans and other information can be published in order to keep everyone at the show updated.

To ensure that Equipe online is used in the best way, we have written some guidelines. 


  1. A show that have not been approved by the FEI as a International competition should not be set as an international one. 
  2. A International Show should have a specific name for the show, e.g. Sweden International Horse Show, Liverpool International Horse Show, Mediterranean Equestrian Tour 2018 etc. The date of the show should not be included in the name of it. 
  3. International shows should also have a hero-picture for the show. The picture should be a view of the show ground. The size of the picture should be approx. 1550 x 300. 
  4. National shows should only in rare cases be given a specific name, standard is to use the name of the organizer. 
  5. Dividers should firstly be used in order to divide between competitions, but it can also be used to give compact information. We although recommend to be moderate with usage of this feature. 
  6. Check that the order of the competitions are correct and make sure that all of the competitions are set to be in the right arena. 
  7. The status of the show or the competition should not be in the name of it, only if it is the official name of the show. 
  8. The number of the competition should be hidden when it is used to display information. 
Equipe reserves the right to change the information in the show if it contravenes with our guidelines above.


Here are a couple of good examples on how Equipe online can be used

This one is from the FEI European Dressage Championships. The name of the show is what is used as the header. The FEI Approved Schedule have been added and also the masterlists.

Here the results have been divided between the individual competitions where the results have been registered and the summary for the Team Championship.

Another example os from the Mediteranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva, Spain. Here a couple of different information to the riders have been added.

Here you can see how it looks when there are competitions at several arenas.