Meeting fees

To keep track of what the riders have to pay, you can connect fees to competitions.
Go to File, Show settings, Fees.
This can be used for entry fees, manure disposal fees, MCP fee etc.

Grouping of fees

First of all, you have to create group, which your fees will be connected to. Inside each group, you can have multiple fees. The system will though only charge the highest applicable fee within each group. This is very useful if you for example have a big tour and small tour within the same event, with different fees.

Apply to
Select if fees in this group should be applied to everyone, or maybe only the ones actually starting.

Respect do not charge VAT
It's possible to override the VAT settings for a company, by not selecting this button. Then everyone will be charged for VAT.

Add a new fee

Press the green Add button to add more rows for fees. Each fee can have a name, that together with the group name will be visible in the economy specification. Then specify the price and VAT.

Connect to competitions
Select from the dropdown what competitions should be connected to this fee. Starts in the selected competitions will then be charged with this fee once, if the apply to rule is matching.