Time schedule

Gives a brief summary of the day and estimated time when a competition could start

Time schedule works in the same way for both jumping and dressage. It almost doesn't require any settings - the program only needs to know which arena the different competitions is held on and the starting time for the first class on each arena.

Go to Start lists. The first view you will get contains the button Schedule. If you are somewhere else in start list you just press on the present day and you will come back to the time schedule.

With help from this function you are able to get an estimate of how long the day will be and make sure no rider has more or less than an fixed amount of time between their starts.

In the time schedule it is possible to put in overall settings, like pauses between competitions and the time per start in seconds. If it is dressage the riding time from the mark sheet plus two minutes is default and will remain until changed.

Press the starting time to get to the settings for the competition.

Fixed starting times and arenas

Press. Then the window for editing the competition will appear. Here you can put in on which arena the competition will take place, the starting time for it and time in minutes for dressage.

Fixed starting times
Make sure that if you have fixed starting times fot the riders the program will take notice to this and won't assume the starting time set for the competition.

Edit breaks and time per start

According to our experience the average time for jumping is 105 s/rider which includes a withdrawn rider or a now show. This enables the possibility of getting an estimation on how long an entire day of competitions will take or the end of a specific competition. But sometimes, you as an organizer have a good experience on how long time it takes. The it can be changed on each section or each competition. The only thing you need to do is to press on the sentence ** X s/start and it will become editable. When the enter-key is pressed the time schedule will then recalculate.

Same thing can be applied to breaks. Press on the break you want to change and then write how for how many minutes you want it to last.

If you mess up the time schedule
The time schedule is built up by the different competitions. You can get into a strange view, when it mixes the information you have changed and how the starts are in the competition. The you'll use Edit, restore.

During the day of the show

Estimations and guesses in all it's glory, but when the show have begun the system will no longer trust what you have entered and will instead calculate depending on the actual starttimes and time per start.