The economy parts of the system will help you handle what the riders have to pay, how much prize money the should receive, taxes, discounts, payments etc.

Setup the economy for a show

When you make the preparations for a show, you should also configure the economy parts.
Go to File, Show settings. At the General tab you will find some options for economy.

Club discount
At national shows, it's possible to give all the riders from a certain club a discount.
Select the club and the percentage. The discount will only be applied to entry fees on a competition or list (fees on the Economy tab under a competition).

Penalty fee
Penalty fee will be applied to starts with the status No-show. If a rider is on the startlist, but doesn't show up, this can be used.

Default account for payment
When you register a payment for a person, you will select what account (payment type) that is being used. This will be the default account.

Credit card fee
It's possible to add several different credit card fees. When this setting is set, a new button will appear on the people economy tab, Add credit card fee.

Here you can specify different type of payments methods. For example cash, credit card, bank transfer, invoice etc.

Prize money to equal ranked
Select how prize money will be distributed if there equal placed riders. Either the amount of the placings will be summed up, and then splited. Or the highest amount will be given to all the riders.

Withdrawn should pay
If there's a fee connected to a competition or list, this option determines if a withdrawn start will have to pay or not.