Equipe: Enhancements and Fixes


  • Possible to set a fee per marking sheet.
  • Ink blue signatures.
  • Do not trigger threshold warning unless all judges are judging the same sections.
  • Includes judge results in pure team competitions for dressage.


  • Possible to set a minimum number of starts in a competition to have placings.
  • Prevent update email for a user that have provider set.
  • Federation setting allows for detailed collection of elimination reasons by setting elimination complements.

New federation settings for elimination complements


  • Fixed video component crash if the source is missing.
  • Beat Time Scoped clear timeouts on unmount.
  • Added support for fasterStyle and slowerStyle to BeatTimeScoped to avoid using stylesheets.
  • Applied Flex component changes.


  • Currency: New Zealand dollar.
  • Possible to show total points in field selector startlist.
  • Cleared out optimum time allowed template show.
  • Email input: changed button type from submit to button to prevent unintended submits.
  • TMS export fixed to avoid exporting breaks in the results.
  • Fixed bug where the enter key in any input would remove start categories when editing a competiton.
  • Result provider XML now includes all published filters.
  • Fixed issue with move a riders start by modifying the start times from people/starts.

Equipe Online: Dressage team competition without individual starts still shows percentage per judge, full score sheet, and more.

We have finally addressed a longstanding request: if you remove the last start of a section/category in app.equipe.com and publish it, the start list would still exist on online.equipe.com, as it was not aware of the deletion. This issue is now resolved. When a competition is published, any start list no longer present will be automatically deleted from online.equipe.com.

Fine-tuned the result presentation for dressage team competitions where there are no individual starts, for the team start list we also fixed a bug where the start time did not appear on the desktop view.
Click on total percent on each start to see scoresheet

We will now automatically toggle Nations and Clubs on and off depending on whether there is more than one of each in the show.

Menu for the show in online.equipe.com

A few minor issues with translation and locale switching have also been addressed.

Changelog for Equipe Online, App, Entry, and Help: Recent Updates and Fixes

Equipe Online

  • Ensure the horse is released from the start if it is removed in the XML.
  • Enabled Chinese language support.
  • Added support for navigating from /starts/x to the app.
  • Convert upload images for hero and footer to WebP format.

Equipe App

  • Competition
    • Prevent saving multiple competitions with the same CLABB number in the competitions controller.
    • Prevent pasting invalid category names.
  • Publish Online
    • Only hide result preview for dressage and HC start.
    • Remove sheet from online if there are no items.
    • Validate horse color length when publishing online.
    • Strategy for using meeting name/organizer name.
    • Link to sign in after publishing a competition.
    • Improve timeout, and timeouts in queue.
  • SvRF
    • Check for ridden score and set in export to TDB.
    • Export marking sheet score in show jumping judgments to TDB.
    • Support SWB/SvRF sign-in for the same users.
    • Use foreign ID instead of relying on KNR TDB import; fixes TDB import bug.
    • Allow SWB to import/export from TDB.
    • Fix acceptance of licence agreement.
    • Auth via Federation API.
    • Import/export TDB are now at organizer level.
    • Added new validation on show jumping results on export.
    • Fix entries import with WE.
  • FEI
    • Resolve another start finding error in FEI.
    • In para-dressage, provide judge percent without subtracting penalties.
    • Do not link to competition if there are many with the same number.
    • Fix total percent deduction.
  • Paperless
    • Fixed rounding issue in battery level for scribes.
    • Show if all scribes are not on the same start.
    • Assign judge signatures if other competitions have been signed.
    • Allow corrections of signed marking sheets.
    • Set locked flag.
    • Fixed issue with dirty starts where dirty points did not load correctly.
    • Confirm leave equipe-logo and competitions.
    • Changed order of shows start on desc.
    • SecretaryStatus show last seen time instead of seconds.
    • SecretaryStatus broadcast.
  • WE (Working Equitation)
    • Fixed judge by sections.
    • Fixed bug preventing undoing WE settings.
    • Added DSQ.
    • Select judging criteria based on section groups; expand on save; ensure judge status is set.
  • Export
    • Enable export of people, horses, clubs, nations, starts, and results to Excel.
  • Extensions
    • Ensure competitionId is set on the output message; fix initial countdown not set via extension.
  • Arena Colors
    • CompetitionGroups show arena color and some refactoring/cleanup.
    • Show arena color in schedule check start times.
    • Link to remove arena colors.
    • Arena settings exclude arenas that are no longer used.
    • Fix arena settings color input padding.
    • MeetingSettings arenas -> arena_settings, add support for arena colors.
  • Dressage
    • Fix bug causing DressageEditor to crash if a URL anchor #hash is set which doesn't match a start_id.
    • Added percent_difference_threshold on Federation; warning will come up if the judges' percent difference is above this.
    • Improved the warning if not all is set.
  • Starts
    • Show live label for ongoing competitions; avoid over-smart section B handling.
    • Do not set section in rider-horse picker when selecting a horse.
    • Deselect start on paste.
  • Reports
    • Correctly print show jumping with marking sheet and eliminations.
  • Federations
    • Rearrange form under regulations.
  • Send Invoice
    • Validate email inputs on submit.
  • Organizers
    • Auto pick current organizer from meeting when importing people from the organizer.

Equipe Entry

  • Ability to open/close competitions per day from Schedule.
  • Fix bug with meeting fees targeted for horses.
  • Fix unsubmitted entries flash not going away after withdrawing the last.
  • Upgrade to latest Stripe API.
  • Use also licence_attribute_name and make it readonly for riders as well.
  • Fix horse licence attribute name.
  • Show that a competition is full and try to estimate if new unsubmitted entries will end up as reserves.
  • Added locale to JS.
  • Added missing currencies.

Equipe Help

  • Upload and play video files, possible to download uploaded files.

Equipe Entry: Introducing application fee for entry.equipe.com

This affects organizers using entry.equipe.com.

At Equipe, we don't have a sales team that makes individual deals or tries to squeeze the most out of every transaction. We don’t A/B test the call-to-action button on our landing site. Our focus is solely on creating the best possible product for running equestrian shows.

However, there comes a time when we need to put on the business hat.

Equipe Entry

You asked us to create a "simple" entry system—nothing special, just to collect entries and take payments. Well, it turned out to be a lot more work than anticipated, and the wish list keeps getting longer. We have made a number of big improvements that you can read about further down on this site.

Over the past three years, our suppliers of infrastructure and products have continuously increased their prices. We have tried not to pass these increases forward. In fact, since 2015, we have not raised our prices at all.

When it comes to entry, we have not even charged for the usage of it.

To continue evolving entry.equipe.com, we will add a small application fee on payments that are collected via the system. This will be effective from 2024-07-01.

This change helps us keep improving the system you rely on while handling the rising costs from our end. We promise to keep making Equipe Entry better and more efficient for you. 

Introducing our new monitoring feature for Live Scoring in Dressage

We are so happy to finally be approved for FEI Paperless, and it's great to see many organizers running dressage shows.

Scribe Monitoring.mp4 1.32 MB

We've been developing a new monitoring feature that we believe will be extremely useful for everyone involved in live scoring.

There is no need for any settings. Once you enter the results registration for dressage, you will automatically see all connected scribes.

Every 5 to 10 seconds, they will send a heartbeat, which includes the currently active rider and, if available, the current battery level.

If all devices are synchronized, the judges letters will all be green. If one of the scribes is on a different start, they will appear orange. If we lose a scribe, they turn red. Grey indicates that we have not yet received any heartbeat message.

In the start list, you can see which rider each judge is currently monitoring.
Start list with indicators what each judge has active

As judge by F has another start active all judge letters turns yellow on the monitoring panel.

This monitoring panel will always be visible in the top right corner of your screen.

Equipe: Dressage percent difference threshold and improved deduction for 7 years and children

New federation settings. Threshold for score differences in Dressage. If the percentage difference is higher than the set threshold, a warning (delta) icon will be displayed.

Shows threshold warning

We have also improved the calculcation of the missing marks.

Warning missing mark or penalties differ

Deduction on the 7 years and children marking sheets, we have finally separated percent deduction on assessment and technical into two different fields witch makes the calculation and reporting for FEI much more straightforward.

Equipe: Customizable Arena Colors

It's now possible to set unique colors for different arenas in the scheduling interface. This enhancement allows for a more visually organized and personalized schedule display, making it easier to distinguish between multiple arenas at a glance.

Set colors

Colored competitions

Equipe: April Update Report

Keep up with the latest updates from Equipe

Equipe Online

We've updated our system to support score summaries exclusively for horses. At FEI dressage events where live scoring isn't permitted, we now display the progress of the scoring sheet to indicate how much has been completed. This helps spectators know when to expect the results. We don't show the marking sheet points for eliminated dressage riders, and for Hors Concours entries in dressage, we do not publish the marking sheet or results.

Equipe App

Prize Money and Financials

  • Display a message on prize money distribution in cases where there are more than 100 starts but only for international shows.
  • Fixes rounding error in prize money alert in FEI export.
  • Federation JSON exports now include all non-zero balance repayments.
  • Club discounts now also take into account the quantity.
  • Allow club discounts to also apply to extra fees.
  • Improved API endpoint for payments.
  • Enable inline editing of entry fee and similar fields on the competitions.
  • Fixes a bug where list extra fees were not charged on withdrawals, even if the policy stated that withdrawn competitors should pay.

Entry and Registration Management

  • Now possible to inline edit details under horses, including owner, breeder, born year, breed, color, sire, dam, dam's dam, dam sire, and dam's dam sire.
  • Set the default start date when creating a competition with a new discipline.
  • Paperless show selection are now ordered by start date and we display whether it's a playground show or not.
  • Only allow multi-edit on categories if all competitions share the same category.
  • Fixes allowed start categories and multi-edit capabilities.
  • Categories are taken from competitions or federations when performing multi-edits.

Judging and Results

  • Do not publish marking sheets for eliminated competitors.
  • Do not publish marking sheets or results for Hors Concours starts.
  • Add support for team competitions in Show Jumping judgements with marking sheets.
  • Display warnings with an exclamation mark on missing marks or when penalties differ between judges.
  • Paperless show that a deduction is given by the other judges during result scoring.
  • Now possible to fetch judge data for competition judgment that responds to positions, and we respect aliases for judges.
  • Dressage judge registration won't accept server starts if arriving on a start that has data that is not yet persisted.

User Interface

  • Reduce the bottom border width of the table header, improve color schemes, and cleaner schedule progress bars.
  • Progress bar redesign.
  • Cleanup cards and use a new clean progress bar design.

Technical and Operational 

  • Button to delete all displays at once for a show.
  • Prevent fetching data other than custom fields into custom fields during start/fetch operations.
  • Fixes issue where 'false' appeared as 'true' in custom fields online.
  • Apply unsaved "dirty" values upon loading starts in dressage.
  • Fallback on height if no matching data competition height is found.
  • Fixes WE ranking issues when there are withdrawn starts.
  • Includes meeting URL action webhooks, enabling placement of extension actions everywhere, added support for timekeeping events, and updated debug extensions.
  • Added deductions to Working Equitation (WE) on print outs.
  • Enabled time schedules for working equitation.

Equipe Entry

  • Possible set studbook a required field for entering a show.
  • Always exclude deleted that is not submitted

Equipe: Prize money distribution

We have added an alert message to reduce confusion during prize money distribution when there are more than 100 declared starts in the competition. This message outlines the actions required to ensure proper prize money distribution.
When the competition exceeds more than 100 declared starts

Equipe and Online: Added support for live stream player at online.equipe.com. Moved advanced publish settings to it's own tab

We've introduced a new feature: the ability to embed live streaming on online.equipe.com. For each arena, you can define a URL that we will embed. This page should contain a full-screen player, making it available for people to follow the live results. It's hard to imagine a better spot for the live stream.

New feature: Embed live streaming into online.equipe.com

To make this possible, we changed the layout a bit. We try not to change things too much to avoid confusing you. But today, we had a good reason. Before, these options were hidden under a small link at the bottom of the competition list, found through File > Publish. Now, we've put all these options in one tab on the same page.

New page for advanced publish settings

We have also decided to make a useful option more accessible: 'Publish without starts'. This is for when you want to publish the competitions online, but the start lists are not yet ready. This button is now located at the bottom of the Publish page and includes an additional confirmation step. If you use this option and have already published starts, they will be deleted from online.equipe.com.

Easier to access publish without starts

This option is now also available when publish competition by competition from starts.

Publish one competition without starts