We now support individual marking sheets at online.equipe.com

We are very happy to fully support individual marking sheets on online.equipe.com. Riders can compete using individual marking sheets, and you can click on the total percentage to view the full score sheet with the given points.

Equipe Online now support individual for each start

You can access the score sheets from both the start list, result list, and schedule.

New rendering of results for desktop at online.equipe.com

We have rewritten the rendering of results for all disciplines supported in Equipe. This was a major effort, but tackling everything simultaneously ensures high quality across all disciplines.

The table is highly dynamic, adjusting in real-time to incoming data. Information about the horse is now located beneath the horse's name, and by utilizing colspan beneath the results, we've created more space for displaying both the results and the rider. Furthermore, rider and horse information now share the same column. We've also added headers for the different result sections.

We hope you enjoy the improvements.

Example of new rendering at online.equipe.com

Fixes accumulator jumping

Before this fix, the accumulator did not correctly calculate faults for the second refusal in scenarios where two refusals are allowed. This update resolves that issue.
The Calculator

Toggle Hors Concours directly from jumping screen

We get it, time is of the essence. We've made it even easier for to set a start as Hors Concours (HC) without having to navigate away from the current screen. Now, you can effortlessly toggle the HC status for upcoming starts right where you are. It's quick, it's easy. Enjoy the streamlined experience

Context menu in the upcoming start table

Give me a break 😅🥳

Big thanks to all of you who've been waiting for this update. We've got some good news: you can now see and move breaks in the jumping results screen. No more guessing when a break is supposed to happen! 

No more surprises when moving starts.

And here's a neat little bonus: as soon as the rider after the break gets their results in, that break indicator will vanish on its own. Simple as that!

Jumping result screen

Info Screen

Publishing photos of starts

Publishing photos of horses and riders has been possible for some time. We've now added a new feature that allows you to include images as custom fields at the start of the event. This way, you can easily share captivating photos from the performance or prize ceremony. Give it a try!
Show settings, custom fields

Enabled custom fields on start list, click the image icon to upload a picture

Edit one or more starts

Fixes initial loading of teams in dressage

This update resolves the issue where the team was not initially loaded.
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 22.51.43.png 187 KB

Equipe now aligns with FEI's Latest Requirements for Table A Competitions

Equipe has been updated to comply with the FEI's new scoring requirements for Table A Jumping competitions. Starting September 1, 2023, it will be compulsory to submit Time Faults, Obstacle Faults, and the Total Points separately for each round, phase, or jump-off as per FEI's Articles 236 & 237.

We already saved the data separately and now it's also reported back to FEI that way.

  • Time Faults
  • Obstacle Faults
  • Total Points

For any queries regarding this update, feel free to contact us or refer to the official FEI documentation available on their website.

Fixes rounding issue for penalty point in Eventing

A percent of 66.15 could potently be rounded to wrong penalty in Eventing, this is now fixed.

544.2.4 Penalty Points
In order to convert Athletes percentage into penalty points, this must be subtracted from 100
with the resulting figure being rounded to one decimal digit. The result is the score in penalty
points for the test.
Rounding the result to one decimal includes any score of “x.x5” and above is round up and any
score less than “x.x5” is rounded down

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 16.51.10.png 52.9 KB

Custom field images on scoreboards

It is now possible to render custom field images, such as rider photos, on the scoreboards using the new Image component.
Scoreboard with photo

To set this up, you will first need to have a custom field of Image type, which is available for people and horses
Show settings - Custom fields

This will then let you upload an image on a person/horse
Person - Custom fields image upload

And last but not least, the Image component must be added to a scoreboard scene and configured to use the custom field as its source. In the example above an image field named photo was added to people, so to access this image for the rider we need to specify the source as rider_custom_fields.photo
Basic Image component configuration