Equipe: Minor changes

It's in the details as always

  • Added date and meeting name to payable and receivable printouts.
  • Added UTC offset to meeting settings requested as JSON.
  • Validated competition start time before publishing to Equipe Online.
Now with date and name

Equipe: February Update Report - Smoother Events, Sharper Tools

Smoother Events, Sharper Tools

We've updated Equipe with some handy new features and fixes. From a fresh look for dressage info screen in Equipe Online to improved Paperless functionality and a smoother running app with the updated language and framework updates. We've tackled some technical glitches, made our app work better with Cloudflare. We've streamlined how competitions and entries are handled, fixing bugs and improving processes. It's all about making your experience better and hassle-free.

Equipe Online

  • Using dressage info screen background for dressage.
  • Force online-host on og:url URLs.
  • Added canonical URL on the embed version.
  • Upgraded websocket.
  • Row is now only clickable in compact layout.
  • Updated Ruby.
  • Removed jump targets.
  • Added back clubs.
  • Added nations.
  • Meeting embeds for startlist video.
  • Rewrite all hero/footers and updated URLs for attachments.
  • Fixes redirect asset.

Equipe App

  • Completely redone tab/arrow Navigation on paperless.
  • Allow both selectable remarks and normal text remarks
  • Remove suggestion in secretary mode.
  • Using datalist instead of autocomplete och judge remark.
  • Support for general remarks in dressage.
  • Possible to see time diff on print outs.
  • Fixes strange white-space.
  • Fixes show lists.
  • Flex component on Scoreboard.
  • Add schema for Frame component on Scoreboard.
  • Show diff instead of time for optimum time show jumpings.
  • Fix flickering in time component. Made in Canada 🇨🇦
  • Track changes on scoreboards.
  • Possible to update schedule via batch.
  • Possible to upload schedule.
  • Batch now support skip user changed.
  • Batch update data in Equipe.
  • Video component schema  on Scoreboard.
  • Video component  on Scoreboard.
  • Make the competition create respond to json.
  • Initial scaling mode fix.
  • Export to TMS.
  • Add initialScalingMode scene property (fit, fill, none).
  • Possible export non FEI competitions in FEI format.
  • Check starts between ignore withdrawn starts and don't show counter if it's zero before or after.
  • Added marking_sheet_column to EventingTest.
  • Added formulas on show jumping judgement.
  • Strip HTML from report csv.
  • Fixes print out China.
  • Fixes printout team list.
  • Fixes link to marking sheet.

Equipe Entry

  • Fixes issue when export from app tries to delete competition with entries.
  • Fixes meeting entry serializer.
  • Added deleted at to competitions.
  • Removed max entries bulk.
  • Bulk update.
  • Set min date birthday field.

Updated and improved marking sheet editor

We have now introduced a sidebar for a better overview, making it easier to insert or drag items to their correct location, instead of rendering all groups.

New editor with sidebar

Closer Inspection: Detailed Updates in Equipe

Equipe Online

  • Added support for the new judgments where show jumping can have a marking sheet; now shows all given marks.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the row in mobile apps provides detailed results.
  • Reintroduced alternating dark rows for odd/even table rows.
  • Migrated to a new CDN.

Equipe App

  • Added history for federation judgment mapping.
  • Federation judgments now only show judgments of the current Federation.
  • Made it possible to configure, per federation, how to break ties in dressage.
  • For legacy judgments that are inactivated, the correct name will still be shown under Competition settings.
  • Fixed a port issue where extension webhooks' payload containing URLs was problematic.
  • Added a webhook for distributing prize money.
  • Printouts now also show time faults, fence faults, and total faults.
  • Added repayment feature for the export of results to federations.
  • Enabled viewing history/changes on a marking sheet.
  • Renamed "Bonus" to "Exclude max score" on the Marking Sheet for clearer communication of its function.
  • Improved GUI for system-wide changes.
  • Added more events in preparation for upcoming paperless support.
  • Included the raw start in the extension points webhook.

Equipe Entry

  • Now showing 'Withdrawn late' for entries withdrawn after charge withdrawn from.
  • Added the ability to set withdrawn entries as free of charge; these are exported to the app as 'changed'.
  • Introduced a 'free_of_charge' option for withdrawn entries.

Show jumping + Dressage = 👌🏻

We have made it possible to combine Show Jumping with a marking sheet. It's possible in two different ways.

By attaching a marking sheet to Show Jumping judgement, you gain the ability to not only record faults and time or perform timekeeping but also to enter the scores for the marking sheet.

Show jumping in our marking sheet editor

The other, slightly more advanced method, is suitable for more sophisticated judgement. In this approach, the marking sheet section replaces the 'faults' in the show jumping. It also allows enter of time and automatically calculates time faults from the marking sheet editor.
Show jumping where time can be entered from marking sheet editor

New Updates: Better Report Resets, Secondary Emails for Invoices, Mobile-Friendly Viewing, and Dropdown Country Selection in Addresses

  • Hold the 'Reset' button to confirm a complete report reset. Ensure the button is aligned to the right.
  • Added a secondary email address to each person's profile, specifically for sending finance and invoice-related information.
  • In the Self Service section, invoices is now displayed with line breaks instead of a vertical scroll to facilitate easier browsing on mobile phones.
  • The country field in the address section must be selected from a dropdown list rather than entered as free text.
  • Updated the SWB Diploma

Hold to reset and right aligned

Updates on app, entry, help and online.

We've made several updates and fixes to our platforms at Equipe

  • Using the latest API for sending push notifications at online.equipe.com.
  • Ability to search for a rider by company name (Cmd + J) on app.equipe.com.
  • Refactoring of our push notification logic to be more efficient at online.equipe.com.
  • Fixes: No longer forcing decimals in dressage live scoring.
  • Fixes: Sorting issue with time faults in show jumping, under Advanced Settings.
  • Fixes: A collision in estimated start times, applicable both within individual competitions and across all competitions.
  • Added more locations where extensions can be inserted.
  • Added hideBreaks props to the Leaderboard component in graphics.
  • Added support for dot-syntax in the Interpolate component.
  • Ensure a valid year is entered in date/datetime fields on entry.equipe.com.

Header and footer images

It's now possible to remove an upload header or footer image - not only replace it. We also store the aspect ratio of the images so the page loads without annoying bumping.

Settings for show at online.equipe.com

Ensure valid date and datetimes in entry.equipe.com

We have noticed some invalid dates for open/close/charge from, so we have ensured that all datetime fields validate a reasonable time.

Validate valid date

Software Update and Enhancements on Equipe App

  • Email validation fix: This update ensures that a valid email address is provided, and the focus is correctly set.
  • Extension copy: Extensions used in a show are now copied over when using the "Create Copy" and "Use as Template" features.
  • Discipline in Marking Sheet: Discipline has been added to the marking sheet. Previously, the 'type' was used ambiguously for both tests and disciplines. Now, all types of tests can be applied to all disciplines.
  • Working Equitation Scoring Update: Starting next year, being 'Eliminated' in any test in Working Equitation will result in zero points.
  • Fix for DNC-Competition Schedule: Corrected an issue where DNC competitions appeared incorrectly on the schedule.
  • New API Endpoint: The 'meeting/economies' endpoint now responds to JSON requests, allowing for structured data retrieval similar to the existing HTML response.
  • Scoreboard Enhancements:
    • New Asset Bounds Editor.
    • Asset Uploader: It is now possible to flag important frames.
    • Preview Mode: Directors can preview outputs before going live. Switching back to live mode will revert any local changes.
    • Full size preview of scenes.
    • Fixed issues with the HoldButton: No more hopping, and dropdowns won't close if a click is cancelled.