Send the invoice or receipt to multiple emails more easily

We've just made a small improvement to the process of sending invoices via email. Now, you can easily add multiple recipients. Simply enter an email address, press 'Enter,' and then write another one. This process can be repeated as needed.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 21.52.22.png 192 KB

Latest Software Update: Enhanced Functionality and Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where headers disappeared when viewing the start or result list without navigating from the schedule at
  • Fixes a rare issue where printing an empty marking sheet was impossible outside the context of a show.
  • New feature allows entering payments with a thousand separator, for example, 3,281.35 €.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented updating inline under 'people' when sorting by total.
  • Provides a more user-friendly API response in case of errors while updating a person's information.
  • Ensures that the invoice_no is unique for a person upon saving.
  • Fixes a bug with 'Fetch' filtered on a custom boolean field for a horse.
  • Introduces a new email input that accepts multiple addresses, useful under 'hand over marking sheets'.

Publish horse numbers now respected by Self Service and Rider declaration

Quick access to Publish horse no - changes here are reflected immediately on the riders phone or in rider declaration screen

The option to publish horse numbers is now respected by both self-service and rider declaration. This setting determines whether the horse number should be visible to the rider. To access this setting more quickly, it's located in the dialog box where you select which competitions are open for entry.

Horse no badge visible

The last way to change this setting under Publish Online > Advance

Latest Update: Enhanced Drag-and-Drop for Competition Tabs, Zip Code Trimming, and Improved Focus on Starting Order Tool

  • Fixes issue with reordering competition tabs using drag and drop from start lists; previously, moving between the first two tabs did not some times not save correctly.
  • Automatically trims zip code to avoid trailing whitespace.
  • In Tools > Starting Order > Rotate, the focus is now automatically set on the input field.

Drag n drop to rearrange competitions

Sets focus on show

Last week updates in Equipe

  • Import FEI Competitions: Do not override the arena on reused master lists from template shows. 
  • Extensions that are not yet published/approved are still available for developers or organizer owners to enable in shows where they have access.
  • Added role to extension actions; some actions may require that a user has a specific role, this is now possible.
  • Added author information to the extensions index page and new webhooks for imports, person and horse updates.
  • Improved rendering for extensions in the navbar menu.
  • Updated our JavaScript build pipeline.
  • Foreign tax should not be copied over when riders opt in to share information between organizers.
  • Force FEI ID on horses to uppercase on save.
  • FEI horse app integration: Horses are now sorted by name.
  • Fixed a bug where making an order from people/new could append an extra fee ordered via Self Service or Stable Office.
  • Publish empty horse labels online if enabled, ensuring they are cleared correctly.
  • Reintroduced text_field for people's payments paid at.

Our New Rendering Engine: Now on Mobile

A few weeks back, we revamped our desktop rendering engine. Now, we're bringing that same upgrade to our iPhone and Android apps. A cohesive experience no matter where you're browsing. And a bonus: if you switch your phone to landscape mode, you'll get a compact version of the desktop results. Dive in, try it out, and share your thoughts. We're eager to hear how it feels!

Turning Off Live Scores: A New Advanced option

We understand that there are times when our users, during dressage events, may not want the live score of each participant to be reflected instantly on the platform. We have introduce a new feature: the ability to turn off the Publish live score.

Setting under File > Publish Online > Advanced

Upgrades to Equipe: What You Need to Know

At Equipe, we believe in continuous improvement and staying updated. We're excited to share that we've recently rolled out significant upgrades to our system.

The Nitty-Gritty of the Update

  1. Updated Framework: We’ve transitioned to the latest version of our framework. This isn't just a minor patch; it's a comprehensive update that ensures smoother operations and aligns us with the best practices in the industry.
  2. Language Overhaul: Alongside the framework, we’ve updated the programming language Equipe is built on. This step is crucial for maintaining the robustness and efficiency of our system.

Performance Speaks
We didn't jump into these changes blindly. Before rolling it out for everyone, we've been running the new version behind the scenes for almost two weeks. The result? A noticeably faster system that aims to enhance user experience and improve overall functionality.

New Update: See Live Results for Eventing Cross Country on

Hey everyone,

We've got some good news for fans of Eventing Cross Country. Over at, we've made a few updates that we think you'll appreciate.

Track Riders in Real-Time
Now, instead of just waiting for the end results, you can see how riders are doing as they make their way through the course. From the first fence to the last, you can keep up with all the action.

Details, Details, Details

We've added more information about what's happening between the start and finish lines. It's a great way to get a better understanding of the course and what the riders are up against.

Missed the Live Event? No Problem
If you can't catch the event live, you can still check out the results later. We're saving all the data, so you can come back and see how things went whenever you have time.

Updates for Working Equitation

We've made some adjustments to the system, focusing on the Working Equitation discipline. Here are the main changes:

Data Input Process:
Starts will now stay in the starting order until the last phase.

Speaker Text Feature:
The speaker text has been adjusted to provide clarity on the ranking of each competitor during the various phases.

Protocol Input:
When saving a start, the system will move to the next one automatically. Users can now input sections of the protocol without warnings about missing scores, as long as that section has been not evaluated by any judge. Additionally, if you want to simplify your view, you can collapse parts of the protocol.
Collapsible sections in WE score sheet
Online Results:
Online results will keep the starting order until the final phase, displaying rankings and scores for each stage, allowing for easy tracking.