FEI Entry System 3

The FEI are currently working on a new entry system. One new part on the import side of the system is that you'll have to provide an FEI ID with either OC Admin or OC Consult level for the organizer.

Importing entries is made in the same way as in the earlier FEI Entry systems, which means go to File, FEI and choose Import entries.

The import from FEI Entry System v3 is triggered by providing the FEI ID in the column for this.

Then press on the import button.

When the competitions are imported, it also creates a master lists for each of the different events. For example one master list for the CSI 3 and one for the CSI 5.

It is only the accepted entries that will be imported and they will appear in the master list of each event.

Read more about how to import competitions and exporting results here: