Rider declaration in the mobile app

You can let your riders do the declaration one their own phone, update their accreditation information and view the open invoice.

You enable this feature from File > Rider declaration overview, Open/Opened button.

Once you've enabled Allow self service in the top of the dialog, a new button will appear on the standard Rider declaration that runs on tablets/PC in the show office.

This gives the rider the possibility to connect the rider declaration to their own phone. For security reasons, this have to be done within 120 seconds from when the rider have pushed the button.

The rider open the mobile app and go to Me > Self service, and there add the four digit code in order to connect. If the rider should be connected to another mobile app account, swip right on it under Me > Self service and press the delete on the button that appear.

The rider must be signed in in the mobile app. Sign up is easy,  we only require name, email and password. All personally chosen by the rider.

Multiple riders can be linked to the mobile app, but each rider in app.equipe.com can only be in one account in the mobile app, this due to security reasons. Once a rider is connected, it will not possible for someone else to add it without the self service being deleted from the current account holding the rider.

Self service is only available if the rider is published in a current show. They can still connect, but there will be no active self service unless they are published on online.equipe.com in a master list or a start list for one of the competitions at a current show.

If you want to enable this before the first day, master lists must be published. For the following days the rider is normally already published on start lists so self service will be available.

Once connected, always connected

When the rider have connected themselves to the mobile app, they will be connected on every show they are participating. This means that as soon as a master list or start list is published where the rider is on and the organizer allowed self service, they will be able to do their declaration from the mobile app.