Describes how to make changes for users

Once you're in the system, it's possible to add other users that can work with your show.
One user can be connected to multiple organizers, so no need for several accounts.

Click the Equipe logo to go to your first page, then select Organizers in the left menu, select the organizer you would like to handle, then Users.
Here you can add new users or edit existing users.


There are for different user roles in the system. One user can have multiple roles.
To edit permissions for a user, click the lock symbol in the user overview.

With the owner role you have full access to the system. This is the only role that can add new users, update information about the organizer, etc.

As a member you will have full access to all shows connected to this organizer, except for the economy parts.

The finance role will give you access to all economy regarding the shows, but nothing else. Perfect for your accounting department.

If you for example have an external broadcasting company that needs access to the display function, you will assign them with this role. They will only be able to access that part.