Prize money

An important part of every show is the distribution of prize money.
The prize money is entered per competition in the system, together with the selection of distribution chart.

Enter the prizemoney

If you import the show from the FEI Entry System, the prizemoney will allready be set by the import. This could also be made with an import from another entry system.

However, if you have to enter it manually, or would like to do any changes, follow these instructions.
Go to the settings for a competition, and select the Prize Money tab.

Prize money is either entered as the total value, or comma separated for each placing.
If entered as total value, you will also have to select the distribution chart (25% or 33%), and the money for 12th place and beyond.

Prizes in kind
If prizes in kind are being used, the value should always be reported to FEI together with the results. To achieve this, specify the name of the prize, and then the value inside parentheses.
For example: Audi A6 (50 000)
It is also possible to add both prizes in kind and prize money. In that case you add Audi A6(50 000)+50 000,. It is important to add the comma after the last zero so that the prize money will go to the correct rider. This means that a correct setup would be: Audi A6(50000)+56000,45000,35000,25000,14000,11000,

Distribute the prize money

When a competition is finished, the system will automatically ask you to distribute the prize money.
Click there, or select Tools -> Distribute prize money, to open a dialog.

If the prize money is already distributed per placing, just click OK, otherwise click the calculator symbol to expand all the options.

When all options are visible, make sure the correct chart is being used, that the money for 12th place and beyond is entered, and then click the grey OK button, to make the split. Then you can distribute by clicking the blue OK button.