On all places, except for Competitions, Horses and Clubs, you are able to search for people in the searchfield at the top menu. Then you will be redirected to the person, who are in the competition, and can se his or hers personal information, horses, economy (even if the person only is payer for one or several starts) and competitions.

When being in the view for people, there are a couple of options for what you would like to view; All, Receivables, Payables, Zero balance, Closed and Notes. Of course companies and officials is shown in these views as well.

Here you will mark that a person have Arrived and if the horse's vaccination have been checked and approved. A small check mark indicates that the arrival have been registered. The same information can be added to the startlists by Tools>Fieldselector in the top menu while being in the view for start lists.

Here you are able to register a new start for a person by marking one or several competitions and choose the right horse to the right. Then create the start by pressing the Create start-button. You can also in different ways edit a start; Withdraw, change competition, reposition, adjust fees and payer. Read more about this in Changes above.


Look through the economy and make sure everything have been paid. If the rider have starts that are paid by someone else there is a link to those ones above.

Register payment
If the rider have fees to pay, click Register payment to put it in the system. Here you can choose which account it should be put on, if it is an in- or out payment and the amount.

Add extra fee
Is used when you want to give the rider a discount or add a fee which is not related to a competition or a list. This can be hay, straw, shavings, electricity, tack box etc.