Go to a person and select the tab Economy. Here you will find all the information regarding the economy for a specific person.

The first thing you will see is the specification of the economy for the person, grouped by horse.
Then there's a section with extra fees and payment, and at the bottom you will see the summary of what to pay or what to receive.

Another payer?
A blue message box at the top will indicate if this person have another account set as payer for some starts. Click on the name to jump straight to the economy for that person instead.

Extra fees

Here you can add pretty much anything you want. Just press the button, write a description and set the prize. Next time you add a fee, the description field will autocomplete, so you for example can select Hay or Shavings again, without having to fill in all information.

It's also possible to predefine some fees, by adding them under Competitions > File -> New extra fee. The a small arrow will appear on the Add extra fee button, where you can click and select the fee super quick!

You can also add a negative fee, in case you would like someone to have som sort of discount.


When registering a payment, you can select to what account, the direction and the amount.
It's also possible to add a description that will be visible on the invoice.

To add new accounts, go to Show settings, where they are defined.

Bank details

This is a shortcut to the Bank tab under the Person details.

Here you can add VAT number, remove the VAT being charged, change taxes on an individual level. It's also possible to save the account details here, to use in case of repayment.