Online results

Equipe ( is connected with our famous online system at

There you can publish the start lists before the show, and the results will then be published as soon as they are entered into Equipe.

The information at will also be available through our iOS and Android apps.

Equipe Online is a system with a lot of traffic. The servers are therefore optimized by saving the pages in the cache memory. When you publish a new list or change something, it can take up to a minute before the change is visible. This do not affect the live results.

Publish a new show

The first time you publish the startlist for a show, or if you should publish a new competition, use File, Publish online.

Here you mark which competitions that should be published. You can also press on the heading for a day in order to mark all of the competitions for that day. Press shift in order to mark several days.

Note the if you have lists for example stabling, late changes, lorries etc. you doesn't want to publish these ones, make sure these ones aren't marked.

You will also need to insert a email-adress and phone number, these will be used in order to notify you if a competition for example is missing a result.

Publish updates

If you have made changes to a startlist you should as soon as possible publish it to so that the riders will have an updated list. Either you go to File, Publish online again and choose the updated list. Alternatively you go to the start list, and from there use File, Publish competition (you can also press the small button to the right with a cloud and an arrow)

Edit or delete lists

Some things needs to be edited directly on If you for example have published a list by mistake which you want to delete, the competitions are in the wrong order, want to publish a note to the riders etc.

Go to File, Publish online. In the upper-right corner there is a button "sign in". This will direct you to the site for the show. When you are signed-in a couple of buttons will appear.

Delete a list/competition
Press on the pen next to the name of the competition/list. At the very bottom of the tab General is a button to delete.

Change or delete a time for the star of the competition
Press on the pen next to the name of the competition. Scroll down and you will find fields for date and time. To delete the "starts at"-time write 00:00.

Change the order of the lists/competitions
To the left there is a symbol with three lines on each list/competitions. Grab the lines and drag it to the right order.

Add information

On you can also publish important information to the riders. You can create a list and thereafter attach a file.

Live results

As soon as a result have been saved in the results registration in it will be pushed to which gives the riders live results on either the websites or in the apps for IOS/Android.

If it is a dressage competition, the score will show after each mark have been set.