Sponsor logos

It has never been easier to add sponsor logos to the start- and result lists.

When you have opened the tab Sponsor logos in the settings for the competition you will to the left see all of the logos uploaded by the organizer. The are on logo.equipe.com and is shared for all of the organizer's shows. Have all of the current logos uploaded on logo.equipe.com to not have to jump back and forth in the system.

Quickly find the proper logo by in the search field write the namne of the company or the name of the file.

To logo up to the left is as standard the logo of the organizer. It can be repositioned or replaced by another logo. Proper sponsor logo could be added up to the right of the start list by drag- and drop from the list.

If you do not have access to the logo from the sponsor, you can for example to a google search for it and will most likely find several options. Save the one of the logos who have the best resolution to your computer. The logo can then be uploaded and saved to logo.equipe.com

You do this by pressing the Upload-button beneath the logos. On the following site, choose Upload logo * in the top menu and choose the proper logo from your computer in the dialog box. Create sponsor. Press Return** in the menu to go back to app.equipe.com

If you want to use the same sponsor logo on more than one competition there is the option of pin it to either for the day, for the show or that it should be the main logo for the show.