Equipe is integrated with the FEI Entry System. This means that you will never have to leave Equipe in order to import competitions, entries, horse and rider data, or export the results.

Import competitions

The first thing you want to do after having created a new show is to go to File, FEI and choose Import competitions.

Thereafter you will get a view with the possibility of searching for your show. You can either search by FEI ID, Venue or Federation. It is also possible to choose between which dates the search should be made. Press the search-button to continue.

When the result is shown, press the green choose-button. A list of all the competitions is now shown, with different sort of information such as name of the competition, date, judgement etc. By default all of the competitions is marked for import, but they can easily be unmarked by pressing Edit and then choose an option from the list or by pressing inside the small box next to the name of each competition. All of the fields in each competition is editable.

Scroll down to the end of the page and press update show in order to import all of the competitions.

Import entries

Importing entries is made in the same way as importing competitions, which means go to File, FEI and choose Import entries.

When the competitions were imported, it also created a master lists for each of the different events. For example one master list for the CSI 3 and one for the CSI 5.

It is only the accepted entries that will be imported and they will appear in the master list of each event.

When new entries are accepted in the entry system, just run the import again, and the changes will be reflected. The withdrawn entries will have a line through their name and the new ones will appear in the master list. If a rider has made a substitute for a horse, the old horse will be withdrawn and the new one added.

Each horse will automatically be given a head number at the import. The system will look for the highest number and then give the first available after that.

Add riders or horses

If a rider or a horse is not among the ones imported from the entry system there is a possibility of manually adding these ones. This is explained here:

Export results

When the show is completed and the economy have been checked. Go to File, FEI and choose Export results.

You can choose which competitions to export, but even if a competition already have been exported it will come along in upcoming exports.

All information regarding prize money will be exported together with the results.

Before an export is being made, a series of checks is made guaranteeing that:

  • all riders and horses have a FEI ID, 
  • There aren't any broken rank numbers, 
  • the amount of competitors is matching the amount who have gotten results and that no withdrawn have gotten a result. 
  • all of the prize money have been distributed in each competition. 
When an error is detected a message will appear together with an account for what needs to be corrected.

Don't forget the last step
The result export is a two step procedure. After uploading the results file to FEI without validation, you will have to press submit again to actually send the results.