JumpingTest.ObstaclePenalty is required

This message appears when in the export of a eventing competition a rider is eliminated or retired in the show jumping competition.
The FEI wants to know the number of penalties the rider already scored at the moment of elimination/retirement.

Example 1
image.png 156 KB

In this case the rider scored 8 penalties before the 2nd elimination.

Example 2
image.png 173 KB

In this case the rider scored 4 (as he had only 1 refusal - at the same fence).

* Open the concerning startlist
* Add the fields (Round 1 Penalties / Round 1 time penalties) by using Tools, Field selector
image.png 143 KB

Change the 999 in the column ‘Round 1 penalties’ to the value the rider had at the moment of elimination.
                Remark 1: if its ‘Due to refusals’ the value is minimal 4
                Remark 2: the max value is 20 as the rider is automatically eliminated when reaching 20 penalties)
*Remove the value in the ‘Round 1 time penalties’ column
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