There are many different types of taxes, and we have therefore made the system very flexible in that section.

The general settings can be found here: File > Show settings -> Tax.

Income tax
Income tax will be deducted on all riders from the organizing country, using the Nation of national people (you can change the country on this setting page).

It's also possible to apply this to more than one country be adding other countries in the Always apply income tax setting.

Foreign tax
This tax will instead be deducted from all riders outside the countries selected by the income tax.

Individual taxes
It's possible to override the default value of the income taxes for a person, under settings for a Person - Bank. Here you can add an individual tax percentage, and also select if the foreign tax should be applied or not.

No taxes for companies
If a company name is added under settings for a Person - Bank, no taxes will be deducted.


On entry fees and all extra fees, it's possible to specify the VAT percentage.

Do not charge VAT
If the fees are being paid by a foreign company with a valid VAT number, and you would like to remove the VAT, there's a checkbox under settings for a Person - Bank, for Do not charge VAT.

If this box is checked, the VAT will be shown as a negative amount in the end of the economy specification. It's also possible to hide this row for everyone if you go to File > Show Settings > Tax, and check the box Hide uncharged VAT from invoices.

Check VAT numbers in the system
We have made an integration to lookup VAT numbers of companies inside EU.
Just add the VAT number to a person, and then select Check, the system will answer who it belongs to (if it's a match).