Upgrades to Equipe: What You Need to Know

At Equipe, we believe in continuous improvement and staying updated. We're excited to share that we've recently rolled out significant upgrades to our system.

The Nitty-Gritty of the Update

  1. Updated Framework: We’ve transitioned to the latest version of our framework. This isn't just a minor patch; it's a comprehensive update that ensures smoother operations and aligns us with the best practices in the industry.
  2. Language Overhaul: Alongside the framework, we’ve updated the programming language Equipe is built on. This step is crucial for maintaining the robustness and efficiency of our system.

Performance Speaks
We didn't jump into these changes blindly. Before rolling it out for everyone, we've been running the new version behind the scenes for almost two weeks. The result? A noticeably faster system that aims to enhance user experience and improve overall functionality.