Updates on app, entry, help and online.

We've made several updates and fixes to our platforms at Equipe

  • Using the latest API for sending push notifications at online.equipe.com.
  • Ability to search for a rider by company name (Cmd + J) on app.equipe.com.
  • Refactoring of our push notification logic to be more efficient at online.equipe.com.
  • Fixes: No longer forcing decimals in dressage live scoring.
  • Fixes: Sorting issue with time faults in show jumping, under Advanced Settings.
  • Fixes: A collision in estimated start times, applicable both within individual competitions and across all competitions.
  • Added more locations where extensions can be inserted.
  • Added hideBreaks props to the Leaderboard component in graphics.
  • Added support for dot-syntax in the Interpolate component.
  • Ensure a valid year is entered in date/datetime fields on entry.equipe.com.