Introducing Simplified URLs on

We've made a few adjustments to our URL structure. Here's a breakdown of what's new:

  1. Renamed Resources for Consistency to ensure a seamless experience across our platforms, we've renamed certain resources on to align better with our main app,
  2. Simplified URLs for Easier Access simplicity and clarity, especially when it comes to navigating our platform. That's why we've simplified our URLs, making them shorter and more intuitive.
  3. Locale Setting Update Previously, the locale setting was a part of the URL. However, we've made a change to enhance your browsing experience. Now, when you follow URLs to, the platform will automatically use the locale you've chosen, rather than the one from the created link.
  4. Here are a couple of examples to illustrate the changes
    • The old link: has now been updated to:
    • The previous link: is now:
  5. Seamless Redirection We're committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all our users. Therefore, if you happen to use the old URLs, don't worry! We've set up automatic redirections to the new URLs. This means that even if you click on or use an old link, you'll be taken to the correct page on without any hitches.