Introducing our new monitoring feature for Live Scoring in Dressage

We are so happy to finally be approved for FEI Paperless, and it's great to see many organizers running dressage shows.

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We've been developing a new monitoring feature that we believe will be extremely useful for everyone involved in live scoring.

There is no need for any settings. Once you enter the results registration for dressage, you will automatically see all connected scribes.

Every 5 to 10 seconds, they will send a heartbeat, which includes the currently active rider and, if available, the current battery level.

If all devices are synchronized, the judges letters will all be green. If one of the scribes is on a different start, they will appear orange. If we lose a scribe, they turn red. Grey indicates that we have not yet received any heartbeat message.

In the start list, you can see which rider each judge is currently monitoring.
Start list with indicators what each judge has active

As judge by F has another start active all judge letters turns yellow on the monitoring panel.

This monitoring panel will always be visible in the top right corner of your screen.