Equipe: Enhancements and Fixes


  • Possible to set a fee per marking sheet.
  • Ink blue signatures.
  • Do not trigger threshold warning unless all judges are judging the same sections.
  • Includes judge results in pure team competitions for dressage.


  • Possible to set a minimum number of starts in a competition to have placings.
  • Prevent update email for a user that have provider set.
  • Federation setting allows for detailed collection of elimination reasons by setting elimination complements.

New federation settings for elimination complements


  • Fixed video component crash if the source is missing.
  • Beat Time Scoped clear timeouts on unmount.
  • Added support for fasterStyle and slowerStyle to BeatTimeScoped to avoid using stylesheets.
  • Applied Flex component changes.


  • Currency: New Zealand dollar.
  • Possible to show total points in field selector startlist.
  • Cleared out optimum time allowed template show.
  • Email input: changed button type from submit to button to prevent unintended submits.
  • TMS export fixed to avoid exporting breaks in the results.
  • Fixed bug where the enter key in any input would remove start categories when editing a competiton.
  • Result provider XML now includes all published filters.
  • Fixed issue with move a riders start by modifying the start times from people/starts.