Equipe: April Update Report

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Equipe Online

We've updated our system to support score summaries exclusively for horses. At FEI dressage events where live scoring isn't permitted, we now display the progress of the scoring sheet to indicate how much has been completed. This helps spectators know when to expect the results. We don't show the marking sheet points for eliminated dressage riders, and for Hors Concours entries in dressage, we do not publish the marking sheet or results.

Equipe App

Prize Money and Financials

  • Display a message on prize money distribution in cases where there are more than 100 starts but only for international shows.
  • Fixes rounding error in prize money alert in FEI export.
  • Federation JSON exports now include all non-zero balance repayments.
  • Club discounts now also take into account the quantity.
  • Allow club discounts to also apply to extra fees.
  • Improved API endpoint for payments.
  • Enable inline editing of entry fee and similar fields on the competitions.
  • Fixes a bug where list extra fees were not charged on withdrawals, even if the policy stated that withdrawn competitors should pay.

Entry and Registration Management

  • Now possible to inline edit details under horses, including owner, breeder, born year, breed, color, sire, dam, dam's dam, dam sire, and dam's dam sire.
  • Set the default start date when creating a competition with a new discipline.
  • Paperless show selection are now ordered by start date and we display whether it's a playground show or not.
  • Only allow multi-edit on categories if all competitions share the same category.
  • Fixes allowed start categories and multi-edit capabilities.
  • Categories are taken from competitions or federations when performing multi-edits.

Judging and Results

  • Do not publish marking sheets for eliminated competitors.
  • Do not publish marking sheets or results for Hors Concours starts.
  • Add support for team competitions in Show Jumping judgements with marking sheets.
  • Display warnings with an exclamation mark on missing marks or when penalties differ between judges.
  • Paperless show that a deduction is given by the other judges during result scoring.
  • Now possible to fetch judge data for competition judgment that responds to positions, and we respect aliases for judges.
  • Dressage judge registration won't accept server starts if arriving on a start that has data that is not yet persisted.

User Interface

  • Reduce the bottom border width of the table header, improve color schemes, and cleaner schedule progress bars.
  • Progress bar redesign.
  • Cleanup cards and use a new clean progress bar design.

Technical and Operational 

  • Button to delete all displays at once for a show.
  • Prevent fetching data other than custom fields into custom fields during start/fetch operations.
  • Fixes issue where 'false' appeared as 'true' in custom fields online.
  • Apply unsaved "dirty" values upon loading starts in dressage.
  • Fallback on height if no matching data competition height is found.
  • Fixes WE ranking issues when there are withdrawn starts.
  • Includes meeting URL action webhooks, enabling placement of extension actions everywhere, added support for timekeeping events, and updated debug extensions.
  • Added deductions to Working Equitation (WE) on print outs.
  • Enabled time schedules for working equitation.

Equipe Entry

  • Possible set studbook a required field for entering a show.
  • Always exclude deleted that is not submitted