Comprehensive System and Feature Updates at

In recent weeks, we have undertaken a major overhaul of

We upgraded the framework, programming language, JavaScript pipeline, and dependencies.

Additionally, we have significantly changed the system design for how an entry is submitted and accepted. Now, instead of a user's entries being submitted or accepted overall, each entry to a competition is submitted/accepted.

This update facilitates corrections, such as the 'Accept all' function no longer accepting reserve entries.

We have removed the withdrawn the overall entry button, which was often clicked by mistake. Instead, users can now withdraw from each competition, and this action is visibly marked for both the organizer and the user with a strikethrough.

Withdrawn entries

Withdrawn/removed entries are flagged as deleted instead of being permanently deleted.

A new setting, Charge Withdrawn From has been introduced. This setting determines when a deleted entry should be charged or not and is adjustable per competition. It's important to note that this is an entry-system-only setting. Within the equipe system, entries will be marked as withdrawn (chargeable) or changed (free of charge).

We've also added a bulk update feature for the Charge Withdrawn From setting, applicable to either the same day's competition or all competitions.

Users will now remain permanently signed in to the entry system.

Additionally, we have improved the messaging for users signing in via URL with an invalid token.

This is just to mention a few of the improvements we have made. Perhaps the most significant change is that this overhaul allows us to implement changes more easily and swiftly from now on.