Closer Inspection: Detailed Updates in Equipe

Equipe Online

  • Added support for the new judgments where show jumping can have a marking sheet; now shows all given marks.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the row in mobile apps provides detailed results.
  • Reintroduced alternating dark rows for odd/even table rows.
  • Migrated to a new CDN.

Equipe App

  • Added history for federation judgment mapping.
  • Federation judgments now only show judgments of the current Federation.
  • Made it possible to configure, per federation, how to break ties in dressage.
  • For legacy judgments that are inactivated, the correct name will still be shown under Competition settings.
  • Fixed a port issue where extension webhooks' payload containing URLs was problematic.
  • Added a webhook for distributing prize money.
  • Printouts now also show time faults, fence faults, and total faults.
  • Added repayment feature for the export of results to federations.
  • Enabled viewing history/changes on a marking sheet.
  • Renamed "Bonus" to "Exclude max score" on the Marking Sheet for clearer communication of its function.
  • Improved GUI for system-wide changes.
  • Added more events in preparation for upcoming paperless support.
  • Included the raw start in the extension points webhook.

Equipe Entry

  • Now showing 'Withdrawn late' for entries withdrawn after charge withdrawn from.
  • Added the ability to set withdrawn entries as free of charge; these are exported to the app as 'changed'.
  • Introduced a 'free_of_charge' option for withdrawn entries.